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  As you may know, the volcanic activity throughout the years made life a bit difficult for the people of Montserrat, we’re here to try to improve the situation. On our website you’ll find ways to help, and also enjoy a little bit of history and information about Montserrat. Here's the video from Discovery Channel, depicting devastation of the volcano eruptions on this tiny peaceful island...

Rewind: I was 17 years old when my parents moved us to Montserrat.  We’d lived in many places before, but not like Montserrat.  This was one of the most exciting things that happened at the time!  When we arrived on the island, I was breathless, I asked; “can we live here forever?"

Fast Forward: Living on Maui is nice, but though it’s an island, it’s nothing like Montserrat.

  Here you have the big resorts (yuck), the shopping, bags of activities, but the lack of PEACE, because of the 10,000 + tourists a day!  If you really want to relax and get away from it all, you’ll only do so on Montserrat, not to mention you’ll love the people, food and lifestyle.  The fact that Montserrat is a British Colony makes it more desirable than the other islands in the Caribbean, safe and super friendly!  Go and check it out someday!